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Giving Forward

Converting Time, Attention, Behavior and Volunteerism to Donations! Your Time & Attention = $$ for your favorite Non-Profits.

About Us

We-Care.com raises millions for nonprofits using proprietary, yet simple Cause Marketing Technology.

We-Care has partnered with hundreds of causes and we add more every day. It costs the cause and the supporter nothing.

With We-Care…

Everybody Wins


We-Care.com shoppers prefer the thousands of top online stores, travel sites and even dating sites already partnered with We-Care.com


These are businesses the consumers already love. When those businesses support the causes consumers love, they love those businesses even more.


When shoppers prefer businesses who partner with We-Care, everybody wins. We-Care.com has raised millions for nonprofits



We work with these causes to reach out to you, their supporters, and ask you one small favor: Add an extra click to your normal shopping and support your cause. That’s what we mean by Shop with Purpose™.